Meet Our Team

CEO and Principal Advisor David Eric Johns

David Eric Johns brings 37 years of military experience including multiple command roles and a proper upbringing on a farm in rural Maryland. He successfully executed multiple organizational turnarounds during his service tenure. Since retiring from the military in 2018, he consulted for municipalities and small to medium-sized businesses, driving organizations towards operational excellence. He delivers extensive experience in operational and financial forecasting, turnaround, fractional C-suite, strategic services, and leadership development. Historic results include tripling the assessed values of SMB's; aligning excess overhead to industry standards and better; developing exit successful strategies.

His expertise spans land development, urban planning, engineering, enterprise software development, and operations command in the Air Force, alongside state and federal regulatory compliance and negotiations, and behavioral health sciences. He holds an engineering degree from the University of Maine and has completed multiple postgraduate certificates and trainings, including the Air War College. In 2020, he founded Zafeiri Corporation, named after the Greek word for sapphire, signaling the exceptional value he believes every business deserves.

Senior Advisor Anthony Peltier

Anthony loves working in manufacturing operations and operations finance. Out on the production floor he is always finding ways to improve efficiencies, maximize throughputs and profit margins, and optimize labor utilization. He has over a decade of experience in cost accounting and finance for multi-billion dollar corporations leading dozens of teams across the food/beverage, CPG, medical, and aggregate manufacturing spaces.

When he's not crunching numbers, improving processes, and growing top-line revenues, he enjoys cooking, watching sci-fi movies, and spending time with family.